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Responsive Web Design
Responsive design: In this article, we'll look at you with a responsive or reactive topic. You've always encountered the issue when you're surfing your mobile or tablet with pages that are in size and size with mobile or Do not match your tablet and keep zoom in and zoom out to see the link or content you want.
These websites do not use Instant Messenger technology.
With responsive design technology, these problems are fixed. The creative design of Artenos's creative thinking also works in such a way that it matched the site for a variety of customizations on both handsets and tablets, and you will see the font size and the links as you change the size of the page. They are completely in their own size and you can easily see them and no longer have any zoom in and zoom out.
To test the site's visibility, you can maximize your browser and zoom in on the browser page with your mouse, you can see that the page size is changed, but the posts and links are still legible and need no zoom in or Do not zoom out or scroll, test it both on the home screen and on the internal pages
Nowadays, with the advent of technology and the industry of smart phones and tablets Percentage of web browses are made by mobile and tablet. And as web users increase, webmasters need to think
Because if your website is not web-browsing, your visitors will lose the convenience of easy web browsing on your web site, and this will reduce your visitors' browsing and loss, so it's best to get your website up to the design of Reissant or as soon as possible. If you want to launch a new website, take advantage of this technology
Artenos Creative Thinking Design Company has the ability to make your website responsive.
Or, if you want to order a new website, it can be embedded
Then, coordinate with our colleagues when ordering about the site's Responsive

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Website Design Benefits
Perhaps this question has come to you, what advantages does the website have?
Sites have many benefits to managers and their owners, most notably as follows:
The impact of the site on the notification: Having a site like having a catalog but with many other benefits. A catalog can include images and text, but a site can also capture images, text, movies and audio or animation so that comprehensive information can be provided with more attractive content. Designing, printing, and publishing each edition of the catalog requires cost, but for designing a dynamic site, just the initial cost for design and maintenance is paid, and after that you can create an infinite page that thousands or millions of users From around the world, they can visit them repeatedly.
The impact of site marketing and business market development:
Search engines provide you with no expense for you. Robots only find your site; then, when someone is looking for any of the services or products or information provided on your site, these engines send the person to Your site will be redirected. The amount of visitors directed to the site depends on a lot of parameters, but at worst, about 50 people per day are driven by a search engine.
Availability and 24-hour branch:
Your site is just one click away with information and products, or services, and is open all day and even on holidays.
Website Design Benefits
Web design steps
Web site design is essentially a dedicated art, which has many technical aspects too. The web designer succeeds in communicating well with the site's contacts and conveying the site's message, and being responsive and responsive to website users, and ease and satisfaction. . The technical aspects of web designing are in fact the means of implementing the various elements of a site so that the site is displayed at the appropriate speed on the contacts browser, while being efficient and secure. In fact, one of the key elements in designing a website psychology website design is
The first phase of the design of the site: the need for measurement
In the first step of designing a website, you need to specify what the purpose of the website design is. At this point, you should talk to and communicate with the website owner or people who are informed about the field of website activity. The answers you need to be answered at this stage are the website you are looking for, which of the websites? Does the website have more information or other aspects, such as selling goods and services or entertainment, and sharing user feedback and website design?
Who are your website's contacts? Are referenced to the web site targeted by the general public or a specific section of the community? For example, students, doctors, businessmen ...
An initial estimate of the number of site contacts as well as the amount of information available on the site. Does the web site for designing be classified as small and small, with a relatively limited number of visitors, or will it be used by many? For example, a business website that has just begun will not have much visibility at launch, but a website that launches for a school or college to enter students' grades is definitely with more clients at startup. The website will be facing a college or school.
The second stage of website design: Preparing the site's initial design
After getting the initial information about the design of the site, you can now enter the next stage of the design according to the information received in the first stage.
1. Specify the different sections of the site. Now you have to specify the main sections of the site. For example, consider a laptop sales site. The main part of this website is actually to provide information about existing laptops for the presentation or online store and can be considered to attract more contacts to a sub-section for downloading drivers and software.
2. Identify the main structure of your site. You have to create a logical connection between the pages and sections of the site as the site designer so that the audience does not get confused on the site.
Third stage of website design: content delivery site
Now you are close to the final implementation and final design of the website and you should prepare the content you want to insert into sections and pages of the website. The content of a website can include:
1. Site text: It can include downloadable text or downloadable documents
Multimedia files: A set of images or audio and video files that are selected and supplied with the content or products and services of the site.
Executable files: Includes drivers or plugins and various software related to the field of site activity
Fourth Step Web Design: Website Implementation
Now, using all the information and collected items in the first and second steps, it is time to create or the same site design, but before answering the following questions:
According to the information collected, the implementation and design of the website using what tools and software can be done? Which of the tools and software, create and launch the desired site with the best quality, the shortest time and the highest What is the amount of security?
Do you need hardware or specific tools based on the data collected and the site design estimates?
Step Five Web Design: Debugging and Website Development
Once the information and content has been placed on the site's server, it's time to review the site's compliance with the site's basic needs. These surveys will help webmasters make better decisions about changes in the main structure of the site and its future development.
Static Web Design
Static site design is suitable for websites that do not require much change after implementation, and only introduces aspects.
These websites first give the customer, idea, job, job, and purpose their own site, and then tailor their site to the needs of the site in a static manner.
Static sites are static and unchangeable, as their name implies. Such sites lack the site admin site to modify the details of the site and are only suitable for individuals and people who want only a website to introduce their services.
The cost of implementing such sites is very low and in this case, it can help the site owner.
Today, many people are demanding the creation of such sites to display their services in the virtual world. If you want a site to introduce your services, you can now open your site. Just contact us.
In examining the type of static site template, note that your site should have a nice look and feel, and be displayed correctly in all browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox.
Of course, the responsiveness of the template to the screen is also significant, your site should be displayed correctly on your mobile and tablet, so that users of your site who came to your site with these devices can easily and without zooming in from the content. Visit your site and content.
Contact us for a static site that looks good and user-friendly, compatible with all browsers and responsive. The team of designers and website developers, having an experienced team, promotes you to have all that you are looking for. Just be with us.
You should always get information about the job order and how to implement the site before giving you a job order that you do not have. Here are some questions:
How is the information obtained correct?
In the design of the site designers, site design companies and even their users, each considering their work experience and the type of thinking about those experiences, provide information about the design and implementation of the site. Due to the expertise of our site design experts, the company's designers and web developers are trying to increase your information first, so that we can reach a general idea of the site about your company. It is there that you can best understand, understand, and implement your site according to your tastes and goals.
1. Do you always have to choose cheap website design? Or should you start with high prices?
2. What are the good ways to have a good site?
Suppose you want to build a building without a goal, without designing a design, a design, and an interior decoration design can not be made according to the needs of customers and the employer. The design of the site is the same, you should find your goal for your site design, and tell your plans and solutions to realize that goal. Our co-workers will also make suggestions for your site as soon as you have set out your goals and desires.
1. What are the goals of corporate sites and how are they implemented?
2. What is 24-hour site support? And what are the benefits?
By reviewing the above, you can easily select your goals from the design of your company's website and choose your own design with your site. We hope that the above items will be useful for your loved ones.
Convert Static Site to Dynamic
Become a Static Site (Static Site) to Dynamic Site (Dynamic Site), if you have a static site and have the problem of updating your content or adding new pages and posts, or putting photos and videos on your site. Whether you are tired of the menus and graphics of your site, and you want to be able to edit your site yourself, but you do not have the knowledge of designing the site, you should work with a professional specialist.
The orthonose creative thinking group can turn your static site into a dynamic site that is specific to you, and you can edit your site without any knowledge of the site design, update your site content, add new posts, menu your site Add or drop down and change the background color or banner of your site.
The Dynamic Site Designed by Creative Group Ortunos Group has a management panel that you can define other directors for your site through this admin panel, and define their access to their website without any problems. It can also be very easy to type your content into a plain text editor and add it to your management environment and thousands of other features ...
E-commerce Web Design
E-commerce websites have their own unique features and design, which has led to a growing number of visitors to a simple business - Internet shopping. A web designer needs to consider a variety of principles of online sales while designing an e-commerce website. In this article, we will try to look at some of the important aspects of website design that should be addressed on an e-commerce website.
This question in the minds of many of you may have arisen why the design of an e-commerce website differs from the design of other websites. All web sites should be attractive, well-organized, and designed using the right color appropriate to the type of website and so on. Your comment is somewhat good, however, we have a close look at some of the successful e-commerce websites to show the obvious difference that is commonly found on a successful e-commerce website with other websites.
An e-commerce website needs to follow some of the principles of sales:
Deliverable experience to the user at purchase.
Provide detailed and complete information about the owner and trustworthy online store
The site design should be such that the user can easily use the site, otherwise the user will refer to your competitors!
These are not new principles. All of us have seen and experienced many of these principles in our encounters in shopping malls, stores, and shops. The big challenge for a web designer is how to use this translation and testing on Internet marketing with their virtual customers and implement it in their website design. I'm sure you all have found that in most supermarkets, they put new breads at the bottom of the store, the smell of new bread attracts the end of the store and, in some cases, puts a special channel to smell the vendors towards In the entrance door, in this situation, they create a variety of interesting products of the appearance, and this is the way to sell different products, if the buyer wanted only bread!
One of the things that can be mentioned in the online stores to attract customers is the use of lotteries and product donations, this way you can have a variety of desired desires from the visitor and a way to encourage the use of site services You are
An appropriate web store design should be designed so that the user can navigate to the page that he or she wants to buy, with one click or two clicks, this is one of the best things that will not lead the user to tired or go to other sites. , The time is very much appreciated for the user!
E-commerce website designing is under research. One important aspect is that the user's eye is at first glance when accessing a web page. A lot of research has been done on this topic. More research has shown that the average area on the left of the site page attracts the most attention, and then the center of the page is designed by the site. Using these techniques, web designers should look at things to be seen by the visitor, much like what's going on in the supermarket. An ecommerce web designer, you know how to create and design a site that should put together the particular items desired by the vendor to be the most efficient.
If you are confident in creating your website and setting up your e-store, be sure to use the recommendations and tips of an experienced web designer and preferably someone with experience in e-commerce and online stores.
Professional Portal Design
Portal features:
According to the points given in the definition of the portal, the portal features are:
Provides personalization of information and portal usage according to the user's need by the person or portal itself. (Personalization and Tailoring)
Providing search engines and directories so that the user can access the information in the shortest possible time. (Search and Directory)
Provides personalization options to change the appearance and structure of the portal for each user (End user customization).
Provide information management mechanism to the people responsible for the portal. (Content & Data Management)
Providing mechanisms to portal managers to meet the needs of different people in the organization.
Support to communicate with resources outside of the portal, such as the web service and other sites, to receive the information and services required.
The specific platform is independent so that it is accessible to all individuals with different operating systems and browsers (cross-platform functionality). This item also includes support for PDA and mobile systems.
Single sign-on: The mechanism by which the user only accesses all of his services and range information with just one logon.
Security guidelines to determine the levels of user access and the role of each user in the system. This level of access includes visitors and portal administrators. (Security)
A specific structure for providing information to the user (Taxonomy)
A simple navigation structure that allows the user to achieve the desired location, service, or information with the lowest click. (Browse / Navigate Documents)
Creating the possibility for users to communicate with the portal's administrators and other portal users simultaneously ("Chat") or non-forum ("Forum"). (Collaboration)
Provide services on the Internet
Provide a mechanism through which users can subscribe to different sections of the portal and receive Email when it changes information or add new information. (Subscribe / What's new)
Send messages for events that are important to the user. The system sends a message to the customer using email or the portal itself and tells them that the requested event has taken place. For example, users can request a "receive message" in their settings section to receive personalized messages, receive a task, receive a newsletter. (Alert)
Workflow Management - All processes have an executable process. This process is divided into different parts and assigned to different people with specific timing. The least possible way to improve the quality of the process is to implement it on paper. But is this possible? Can this be controlled in addition to the process of work, how it works and its timing? One of the features of the portal is the presentation of workflow management. (Workflow Management)
On this basis, a process can be defined in the system and, using the "scheduling" and "phasing" features, divide the process into smaller tasks, so that each task represents not only the performer but also the exhibitor The timing of the process is also. Now, if the workflow management area is located next to the Alert system or sending a message from a personal calendar, it can help effectively monitor and advance it. At the end, the graphical process of the process for the processor and those involved in the process is good to have a better understanding of it and even process the process to save time in scheduling.
In addition, if the selection process requires the use of different portions of the portal over time, it can be a good benchmark for understanding the links we need between the portions of the portal.
SEO optimization
What is seo?
SEO means site optimization in search engines (Search Engine Optimization) and today is one of the important steps in Web design.
Site optimization:
You have completed the design work of your site, but you still do not have the size you expect visitors to. The problem is that you have not yet worked on one of the most important and useful ways to increase your site visits. That is, optimizing search engines or optimizing the site.
What is Website Optimization?
Search Engine Optimization is a set of techniques and skills that allow a site to allow traffic and more visitors to search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.
The SEO can be divided into two main areas:
1. off-page SEO work done independently of your website.
2. On page SEO is a work that changes your website to get a better ranking on search engines.
This tutorial covers both of these areas in detail.
Remember that a site is not fully optimized in search engines unless you have both offsite pages on the SEO page.
Your site Seo:
SEO Buy sponsored links and number one in adwords (Google advertising system) and claiming to have a top-notch site on Google. Buying such ads is related to SEM or Search Engine Marketing, which means the search engine marketing system and is not included in this tutorial. SEO is not your first name.
Who uses SEO?
If the designed site is currently ranked tenth in the search for "how to make eggs," then SEO needs to be used to improve the search result for this site. As web search engines become more commonplace, almost anyone who wants to be seen on the Web can use the benefits of site optimization.