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What is seo?
SEO means site optimization in search engines (Search Engine Optimization) and today is one of the important steps in Web design.

Site optimization
You have completed the design work of your site, but you still do not have the size you expect visitors to. The problem is that you have not yet worked on one of the most important and useful ways to increase your site visits. That is, optimizing search engines or optimizing the site.
What is web site optimization?
Search Engine Optimization is a set of techniques and skills that allow a site to allow traffic and more visitors to search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.
The SEO can be divided into two main areas:
1. off-page SEO works that work independently from your website.
2. on-page SEO tools that modify your website to get a better ranking on search engines.
This tutorial covers both of these areas in detail.
Remember that a site is not fully optimized in search engines unless you have both off-page off-page off-page SEO on-page.

Seo your site:
SEO Buy sponsored links and number one in adwords (Google Advertising Network) and claiming to have a top-notch site on Google. Buying such ads is related to SEM or Search Engine Marketing, which means the search engine marketing system and is not included in this tutorial. SEO is not your first name.

Who uses SEO?
If the designed site is currently ranked tenth in the search for "how to make eggs," then SEO needs to be used to improve the search result for this site. As web search engines become more commonplace, almost anyone who wants to be seen on the Web can use the benefits of site optimization.