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Here are some reasons why you can design an app:
1. The ability to create text, audio, photo, movie and animation to maximize the power of transferring application design concepts by Artenoos Creative Thinking Company.
2. The ability to create interactive and bilateral communication (such as training based on questions, answers, video conferencing, etc.)
3. Create a fun and entertaining environment to encourage people to use it.
4. You're designing an application once and for many years.
5. Mobile training software does not have the physical training costs, such as shipping costs, space costs, etc., and people can take advantage of them at their preferred times.
6. Mobile software has the ability to connect to the Internet and change and upgrade the smart content.
7. These tools can be distributed simply and at minimal cost to a very large number of people (via the Internet and Bluetooth).
8.Mobile attractive software is quickly distributed and distributed by users.

Considering the increasing use of mobile and smartphones as one of the most important tools used by the public, application design and software development in a variety of mobile platforms is one of the best solutions for customer segments. Ortanos Group has been working on developing mobile software on existing platforms, including J2ME, Windows Mobile, iPhone / iPad, Android.
Android is the name of the game's operating system that Google has designed for smartphones and smartphones. This operating system was first introduced in 2007 by a group called Open Handset Alliance. The group has been able to bring mobile phone companies over the past three years, and with the release of the operating system, HTC, Samsung and Motorola have been working to expand the Android operating system. So, if you've just started working or if you run a large company or enterprise, then upgrade will provide the best solutions for expanding and identifying your product and service to the most-used communications device, Mobile. . By upgrading mobile software development services and providing targeted software consultancy to businesses and organizations, it helps to provide the best solution for mobile software.
App design services provided by the Artenos design team as one of the pioneers of the application design industry and the production of mobile software include the following:
1. Producing Android application and application design
2. Implementation and design of the application. Various sources of specialized, scientific, religious, inquiries into different languages ​​on mobile phones.
3. Developing multimedia educational applications and software on mobile phones
4. Design of digital catalogs
5. Provide mobile-based solutions
6. Utilize a variety of entertainment and gaming software
7. Website design and full connectivity to the app

Some of the features of app design and design by Iranian Designers Group:
1. Together with the technology of the day
2. Very low volume
3. Easy to install and use
4. Chinese characters of Persian texts based on the type of mobile phone and the ability to change the font size of the texts by the user
5. Can be installed on most phones
6. Locking on any product
7. Full software support from all standard Android smartphone and tablet resolutions
8. Software optimization in processing, memory usage and final software volume.
9. Intuitive graphics and user-friendly application
10. Ability to update the program automatically