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Artenoos Introduction
The gratitude and the praise is due to the success of our friend through the creation and creation of a service for the creation. Artenos Creative Society (Limited Liability Company) has been registered in the 23163 registration number in 2011 and since then has been in the field of Web site design and implementation of web projects as well as mass SMS (advertising and information system) is working.
As a result, the Artenos Creativity Software Company, using the young force, has been motivated and efficient in the field of information technology and the provision of various tools in this market, has begun to produce a new generation of products, including site design, site optimization, SMS system, production Software, App Production, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and all IT services with special capabilities and the ability to make changes with customer's algorithm and more accurate management supervision, and based on this research, the most powerful and up-to-date technology in the field. According to the latest standards of production, development and software products set.


Artenos Company Goals:
Improve the interactive and transactional status of companies with stakeholders
Proper notification through the establishment of information bases with global standardized frameworks
Designing inclusive information dissemination systems
Creating an appropriate environment for introducing services and products
Securing information through the provision of secure and integrated software services
Facilitate content management and database related to each company
Establishing suitable conditions for mental and decentralized management
In this regard, Artenos Creative Thinking Company brings together a group of experienced professionals who operate within the framework of internationally accepted standards. The main field of activities of this group is as follows:
Site design and portal
Modern and specialized graphic design
Bulk SMS system
software production
App Production